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In the introductory video to volume One, GM Williams tells us about himself, and that is something to pay attention to because it tells us the path a player must follow.

The English Opening: A Solid Weapon for Attacking Players

He is conveying the idea that the English formed him as a player, since he reached the level of IM strength with such an opening system. In volume one, GM Williams gives us a repertoire which is based on 1. I tracked the game and it was a draw, because White was able to find a way to give check by repetition. The main objection made by GM Williams is that once Black plays Pf7-f5, White should be able to meet such a move with d4, because the fight is always for the center.

But in this case White cannot, because Black is controlling d4. Here is the interesting game mentioned by GM Williams:. Here is an example of a position which is not treated:.

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But what does this statement mean? He showed in the videos some lines that he avoids teaching, because those are clearly difficult to understand for the player who has not developed a full positional understanding.

The Complete Guide About The English Opening

And that is the reason he puts so much emphasis on how to learn some transpositions into d4,d5 openings. From the emphasis in his words, it means that the player around needs to learn how to capitalize on the space advantage and win in order to improve his game. From the first DVD I loved the following game. GM Williams could honestly consider a career in comedy. He says that after this game the other player, a strong GM, changed job and career—and he was the reason. On the other hand, there is an important theoretical novelty in this game which was missed even by the Informator years after this game was played.

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Review: The English Opening Vol. Nc3 Nc6 3. Nf3 f5 4. O-O O-O 9. Rb1 Qe8 Qb3 b6 Nh4 Na5 Qa3 Rb8 Be3 f4 It is popular with all levels of chess-players, and has been used to good effect at world championship level by Kasparov, Korchnoi, Botvinnik and other greats of the game.

The English gives rise to an immense variety of structures, ranging from reversed Sicilians to Hedgehogs and fluid or locked central structures. It is an opening where strategic mastery of typical positions is of immense benefit, and where Black needs to combine circumspection and vigour to obtain a viable game.

Zenon Franco is a grandmaster from Paraguay who now lives in Spain.

He is an experienced chess trainer, his most notable former pupil being Paco Vallejo, now one of the world's top grandmasters. Download a pdf file with a sample from the book. Mihail Marin's excellent repertoire books on the English Opening have helped to cement the reputation of Quality Chess' Grandmaster Repertoire series Marin's deep experience and passion for the English Opening is clear throughout the book If you've even the slightest inclination towards the English Opening, this trio of books is strongly recommended.


Without reservations, I recommend this volume to all English Opening players. Carsten Hansen , ChessCafe full review. The second and third volumes in the series, recently released, maintain the same high standards They are available in both hardback and paperback editions with the former costing 8 Euros more.

This might seem like an unnecessary luxury for an opening book that will eventually be outdated.