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Failure keeps us focused on our strengths. When you find an area of weakness—and we all have them—work to leverage it into a strength and use it to your advantage. Failure teaches us to be flexible. Flexibility is key to success. Always be willing to vary your approaches to problems and circumstances to see what works best. Failure teaches us to rethink what we deserve. But if you externalize it, it will help you keep the right perspective. Failure reminds us that everything is temporary.

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Nothing ever stays the same; everything has an ebb and flow. When leaders fail, they see it as a momentary event, not a life sentence. Failure disciplines our expectations. Failure can be helpful in learning how to manage expectations.

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It takes time, effort and discipline to overcome a setback. The greater the accomplishment, the greater the challenge, the more a realistic orientation is required. Failure instructs us to keep trying. Every leader knows that in order to succeed, you have to learn to try and try again. Take a page from highly successful individuals and learn to keep moving forward no matter what happens.

Lead from within : It is possible to cultivate a positive attitude about yourself no matter what circumstances you find yourself in. This is an investment in you that will take you into the way you want to live your life going forward.

Make it the best you can be. In addition to providing neuroscience and mindfulness based leadership and resilience programs at SuperSmartHealth , he is a Board Certified Internist and Chair of the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine. The program gave me invaluable tools to help me recognize when I'm stressed, and techniques to use to help me recover from stress. We can all learn to lead more happy productive lives with this program. The brain science is incorporated at just the right level to be insightful and engaging without being too theoretical.

I find that I am breathing more deeply on a regular basis and finding little moments to take care of myself. Physician heal thyself! I find I smile more readily, am more resilient and am better at asking incisive questions of myself and others. As a university student , I never consciously realized how much stress and self doubt actually impacted my life. The 4 in 4 Framework has changed my life forever. I was able to follow the program and really understand the key concepts and take-aways that I am now able to apply in my everyday life by helping me stay motivated so that I can feel a sense of accomplishment and happiness.

Overall, this program has helped me to channel my negative thoughts into positive ones which has in turn allowed me to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life ….

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Many thanks. Through my work with Danny I was able to incorporate the overall practice of mindfulness into my daily life which brought me personal balance during the times when I felt most out of control and helpless. I felt the program was very comprehensive and really helped me understand from a neuroscience perspective where our stress and reactivity comes from and how to manage it better.

I really enjoyed the 4-in4 Program.

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It definitely has helped me to be more "in the moment" and mindful. The program gave me tools to help handle stressful situations more effectively and helped me focus more on what is important in my life. So from a personal standpoint this program has been absolutely amazing. You can take that into the work environment as well.

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I can communicate with our executives; I can communicate all down the chain. I found the information presented in the 4 in 4 Framework easy to follow, user friendly, clear and concise. The benefits of viewing the videos and workbook as a family has allowed us to help each other out when we get emotionally charged.